A Tale of Tupelo Honey: in the Beginning

We fetched our 1955 home built caravan (working title: Tupelo Honey) from Balclutha today, where she had been stored in a tractor shed:

P1460553 P1460554

She needs a bit of love, particularly on her exterior. Her insides, though, are lovely, all oak veneer:


One or two windows need replacing. They’re steel -framed house windows, with bronze casement latches!

Original gas cooktop and oven -even has a wetback! Not sure if it still goes...

Original gas cooktop and oven -even has a wetback! Not sure if it still goes…


The next part was the tricky bit: reversing it into the steep awkward spot where she will spend the next couple of months being worked on:

P1460561 P1460562

But finally, after a solid half hour of some rather stressful maneuvering, she’s safe and sound, yay!


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  • cecilbooth says:

    Looks great, Nick! Has style & character- the interior panelling looks quite beautiful! A very pleasing contrast to the first one. And the van looks crisp too! You guys have been hard at it while we’ve been away. Hope the price was right. We can see you all being quite snug & comfy in Tupelo Honey. Where does the name come from/what does it mean? Cheers r& I

    Robin Duval-Smith & Ian Booth Insite Design 4 Margate Ave Broad Bay Dunedin 9014 New Zealand


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