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Depressing. So the majority of Kiwis want more of the same, only worse, for another three years. Can anyone out there help me make sense of this?

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  • Ron says:

    I think 30 years ago people started being told “You are alone. There is no one beside you. You must do this by yourself and if you fall, no one will help you. If you fail it will be your fault. You must not spend too much time helping others stand, either, for it will only encourage them to fall. If you hear others cry out, it is because they do not want to stand on their own and want to pull you down. Look at those who are at the top. That’s where you must be. Do they stoop to help you? Do they listen when you cry out? No, they don’t. So you must follow their example. Do what you have to do”. We now have a second generation of people who carry this verse in their heart.

    IMHO, selfishness is now a virtue and it will be hard to change that

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