in celebration of stillness

From an interview with MELVIN ONG, artistdesigner over at Haystakt (http://www.haystakt.com/journal/article_view/10/Designer-Profile/3#.Un6juCi5PQc):


You’ve cited In Pursuit of Silence: Listening for Meaning in a World of Noise by George Prochnik as the origins of Desinere. Can you tell us more about this? 
The book is about the author’s search to why we are so attracted to a world of noise. Reading it got me thinking about the moments when I found myself most creative, and I realised that ideas only started flowing when  I stepped aside and had a quiet cup of tea at a cafe or went for a walk. When you’re in the midst of doing things, you feel cramp, and so it’s almost counter-productive. You got to stop before things will start moving and I found myself working in that way — very similar to what the book was describing. I named my studio after a word the author discovered, desinere, which is Latin for “stop” and also entails a kind of reflection. This describes how most of my work comes about, it comes from me taking a step back and reflect so as to find some quietness and inspiration.