that which opens: Suji Park at Brett McDowell

I’m sorry this is probably too late for many people (the show’s last day is tomorrow), but if you can make it along to the Brett McDowell gallery you’re in for a treat. For likers of: Kushana Bush, Studio Ghibli, and James Robinson. No, really.

    It is not unusual to see the misshapen these days in galleries, the malformed, the brief. It is also common to see the delicate, the careful, the fine and particular. But to see all these qualities in a single artwork is something special, and this is what Suji Park gives us.
    In small ceramic figures, modelled with an unfussy love, with intricately added details in paint and pencil, I had a sense of meeting someone strange and new, weird and benign, beautiful. I felt compassion for these little people, and awe. I very much look forward to meeting more members of this village, envoys and messengers and tellers of tales from afar.

    Good ‘studio’ photographs by Suji (or maybe someone else -stand by for correction); other not-so-great in-gallery shots by me