dancing about architecture…

…well, not quite, Footnote were dancing about the art at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery technically, but as you can see, it’s fine line, and I think they dispelled that old one nicely. It was a relief to see their committed, fluid, imaginative competence on Saturday, after having cringed my way through ‘Anya Anastasia and the Bird Wizdom Orchestra’ at Sammy’s the previous night, which was woefully in need of some cool -headed artistic direction, a shorter crisper set, a smaller warmer venue and someone who knew what they were doing on the mixing desk. Sorry Anya, but nice costumes, quirky poems and a little wackiness don’t quite make a show by themselves. Good drummer by the way though, and I think the guy on trombone might have been good too, if we could have heard him.