Sculptures by Ron Mueck

By 26 November 2010No Comments

After listening this morning to Kim Hill interviewing Mary Kisler about the work of Ron Mueck, I thought I should put these up, and explain myself a little more than the Nov. 11th entry. Sorry they’re not great photographs, they were all shot hand held without a flash on a fairly basic digital. Additionally, I was often trying to get shots either without people, or with people in certain relationships with the work. Basically, I just need a faster camera.
Like Mary, I was uncertain initially about Mueck’s work. I find super-realist work dry and cold often, and until I saw Mueck’s work ‘in the flesh’ in Christchurch this month, I’d only seen it in art journal photographs and advertising, which of course (deliberately?) give no sense of scale.
But once I got past the whole technical thing (and it is a big aspect of the work, which invites close nit-picky scrutiny and fosters things like the long ‘how-it-was-done’ video that accompanies the show -imagine that for a sparse conceptualist piece), I had to admit this is interesting and provocative work, and surprisingly narrative generating, given how precise and fixed the facial expressions are.
Note that the only black person in the show is dressed in street wear and has a knife wound.