this is how the invitation to my end of BFA show looks… -ish.

You are invited to participate in an installation and performance…

Can we talk?

I know I’ve been hiding, but it’s time to stop, so before you leave, can we talk?

Putting my cards on the table:

There will be notes to find in drawers. There will be a pin board to put them on, or remove them from. There will be books to read. There might be something you’ll want to take home. I’ll be there, talking and listening.

Meet me…

Room 64

Ceramics Department

School of Art

Otago Polytechnic

22nd November, 10am – 4pm

24th – 27th of November, 12 – 4pm

Is this the end?

I may ask you for your email address. I’m not sure what happens next, so perhaps we could stay in touch.


-Nick Duval-Smith